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How to become a member

I. The institutional membership of Asian Cement & Concrete Research Academy” (Hereinafter referred to as “ACCRA”) shall be any international, regional, national organizations, including research institutes, industry associations, large cement and concrete companies, international engineering companies, etc. involved in the field of cement and concrete. Only institutional members will be accepted to join ACCRA, and individual member is excluded. No membership fee for ordinary members.



II. Requirements to apply:

Influential institution in the field of cement and concrete in family country.

二、 申请加入本研究院的成员单位必须具备如下条件:



III. Procedures to apply:

3.1 Submission of application;

3.2 Approved by the President of ACCRA.

3.3 Get member certificate authorized by ACCRA.


3.1 提交申请书;

3.2 经院长批准;

3.3 获得会员证。


IV. The rights of members:

4.1 Participate in seminars, training courses and other activities of ACCRA;

4.2 Be informed about activities of ACCRA, and have the priority to obtain technical information;

4.3 Make suggestions to activities of ACCRA;

4.4 Be free to apply to join or exit ACCRA. It shall be regarded as quitting from ACCRA automatically if a member is absent from all activities of ACCRA for two years.


4.1 参加本研究院举办的会议、培训及其他活动;

4.2 获得本研究院技术成果和举办活动信息的优先权;

4.3 对本研究院工作的建议权;

4.4 加入自愿、退出自由。如果成员单位两年以上持续缺席本研究院所有活动,将被视作自动退出。


VThe obligations of members:

5.1 To support and facilitate the objectives, and activities of ACCRA;

5.2 To endeavor to attend the regional meeting or GA during each interregnum;


5.1 支持、促进本研究院实现目标、举办活动以及管理制度;

5.2 参与本研究院举办的活动。

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